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Frequently Asked Questions

Omakase and Osusume: If you are not sure what to order, it is always a good idea to ask for recommendations.

Q. What is the guy sitting next to me eating? It seems better than what I am having.

A. Grass is always greener, isn't it? Well, all Sushi we serve is equally good. But it is possible that he/she is having the "OMAKASE". Omakase in Japanese means "entrusting (on chef's choice)". Ordering Omakase in a Sushi restaurant means "Whatever's delicious today. I leave it to the chef".

Q. Is the "Omakase" expensive?

A. It depends on what fish and which part of the fish.

Q. Can I have Omakase on a limited budget?

A. We have set menus. They are fixed price but still partially Omakase style. The Chef's Choice Combo is $25 and best value for the price. It includes six pieces of Negi-Toro (Chopped and mixed negi-onion and toro), eight pieces of Nigiri and miso soup. If there is any kind of fish you do not like, please let us know when you order.

Q. What if I want some more?

A. You can order extra pieces of Osusume (recommended) sushi.

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