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「弁当を作る」 英語版



Have you ever thought of the time and efforts your parents take to prepare meals for you?
A person who is always thankful to family is the one with a kind and gentle heart.


Have you ever carefully watched how your family or friends are cooking?
A person who could pick up any single technique by watching is a real independent learner.


Have you ever noticed a hint of a certain spice or a hidden ingredient in a subtle flavor?
A person who can tell a difference is the one who can develop his own sensitivities.


When you eat vegetables and fish in season, do you enjoy the color, the smell, the feel, as well as the taste?
If you do, you make your heart enriched.


Can you feel the “power of life” in a single radish, in one leaf of spinach, or even in a single grain of rice?
If you can, you are a truly caring person.


When you look at your lunch box, can you imagine how many people were involved in making, delivering, and processing all the foods into that small box?
If you can see many, many different workers there, your imagination is really good.


Do you always find your lunch tasteful and feel blessed?
If you do, your life will be a very happy one.


When you look at a slice of fish, can you imagine how the fish looked like when it was alive?
If you can say sorry to the fish, you are a person with deep sympathy.


When you are walking to school, do you notice how plants are growing and feel happy to see them?
If you do, you have an affectionate and merciful heart.


When you prepare lunch with other people, like today, you have an opportunity to make new friends or deepen your friendship.
If you are willing to take such an opportunity, you are the person who can live and work successfully with other people.


Have you ever said, “Thank you, but I can take care of it by myself” when your parent offered a help?
If you have, you have an ability to live independently.


Do you say “Itadakimasu” and “Gochisosama” to the people who prepare your meal?
If you do, you would never forget to express your appreciation.


Do you have a good time in eating together as a family?
If you do, your family is full of love.

投稿者 sushitomi : 2008年06月26日 08:57