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今週末の目玉!! 鱒の助入荷


2006 春 076.jpg どうです、この面構え。北米屈指の急流を、これから遡上する厳しい覚悟が見てとれますよね。脂をたっぷりと蓄えた、今、この時期しかない鱒の助をぜひお試しください。

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First Copper River salmon opening grim as very few fish actually caught

First Copper River salmon opening grim as very few fish actually caught
SEAFOOD.COM NEWS [Anchorage Daily News] By T.C. MITCHELL May 17, 2006 --The
early salmon harvest reports from the Copper River Delta are grim.

John Jackson said Tuesday morning that the catch numbers from the season's
opener on Monday were dismal.

'Kings were nonexistent. And there were very few reds. It's basically
horrible fishing.'

He said he hoped to have 'a little dab of reds in (today). A couple of
hundred pounds. That's it.'

The price was up in the air, he said, because of the poor numbers.
'Everybody is competing for a few fish.'

Early predictions about price might have gone out the window, he said,
acknowledging that Seattle is still the big buyer.

Farther afield, Daily News reporter Liz Ruskin in the Washington, D.C.,
office said chefs there are eager to see the fish but not eager to pay the
cost they've been hearing about. They may wait for the price to come down.

Jackson has said for the past few weeks that those prices may not come down
for a long while, if at all, because the demand is there not only for
salmon, but for halibut.

One reason Jackson thinks the fishing is so poor in the Copper River Delta
is water temperature. The last he heard, the ice was still on the river
upstream, and because the spring has been cool, the fish may be milling
around in the salt water waiting for warmer water before coming upriver.

Also new regulations limited fishing around the sandbars where kings
especially like to hang out before making their charge to the spawning beds.

It was unknown Tuesday when the next opener might be. Jackson was guessing
maybe as early as today or Thursday.

投稿者 sushitomi : 2006年05月18日 17:20